How It Works

Why Founders And Executives Choose

Hiring with BBL Outsourcing as your Partner

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Passionate Talent
Our diverse office allows us to pull from a wide range of candidates and referrals to ensure we are placing professional, passionate individuals into your business. We are an extension of your team.
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Highly Personalized
Everything is customized to meet your specific needs. We are the experts in hiring. You are the expert at your business. We work together to recruit the best candidates within knowledge of your industry.
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Family Focused
We are a family business. We started BBL to grow our business. We understand what it takes to build a team and find quality talent. We focus on outsourcing, so you can focus on training your team.

"From the outset, we were impressed by the caliber of employees provided by BBL—they exemplify motivation and a strong work ethic. What’s more, the cost-effectiveness of their services is a significant advantage." - Happy Client

How It Works

How BBL Outsourcing's Personalized Approach Works

Tell us about the role you want to hire
Our team of hiring managers will create custom job positing, research our target budget, game plan where to post them, and start screening candidates!
Meet and approve your New Hire
BBL will help put together an interview process to test candidates tailored to your position. You will interview your candidate to ensure they are a great fit for your company and knowledgeable in your role!
Onboarding and Beyond!!
Once we have found your employee, we will onboard them and get them set up for success in the office. From there, you will begin training and helping them grow into their new role and within your company!