Frequently Asked Questions

Once a signed contract is received, BBL will work with you to create a job posting for your desired position . We will then screen the applicants for English proficiency and qualifications before setting up an interview with you. Once you have found an employee that you would like to hire. let us know and we will do the rest! 

BBL will work with you to understand the position you are looking to hire. We will create custom job postings, interview processes, and onboarding. With these positions, we do our best to place qualified candidates in-front of you. We will need your help screening and ensuring that they are knowledgeable in the skills you desire.

BBL does not require a contract but pricing and costs may change based on contract length. 

BBL has a 30 day trial period for each employee. If you are not satisfied with your hire, BBL will help set up more intervirews to rehire for the position. 

BBL’s price provides allowance for tax and benefits, desk space, all overhead charges, equipment and markups, and employee compensation. We manage and maintain our network so that your employee has reliable internet and phone service. The client is responsible for any desired travel, additional compensation or commissions structures. 

Please contact our support team at [email protected] in the case of any complaints. 

Any Other Questions?

    We strive to help our clients increase productivity and grow their business through connecting them professional, passionate individuals through our unique nearshore outsourcing solution.