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Our legal intake team connects with, qualifies, and converts your customer.

Legal intake specialists are responsible for the initial touch point with potential clients for law firms. They handle client screening, CRM data input, client scheduling, and customer service. Intake specialists are the client facing employees in majority of law practices. They are responsible for weeding through high volumes of inbound calls and customer inquiries to determine the best possible cases both financially and culturally for the firm.

The goal of many intake specialist positions is to book a meeting with the attorney. Depending on the firm, these meetings may be paid consultations. In this case, your legal intake specialist is a sales person. Their job is to educate the potential clients on the benefits of meeting with the attorney and sell them on paying for a consultation. Legal intake specialists at outsourced intake centers are able to connect with, qualify and even convert leads on your behalf

Salvadorans excel at legal intake because of their extensive, professional background in customer service fields. They help customers feel at ease and confident in the services that the firm is providing. Hiring an outsourced legal intake specialist leaves your attorney staff free to concentrate their valuable time on billable tasks.

The candidate pool of legal intake specialists has been exposed to a wide variety of fields including:

Most legal intake specialists have knowledge in:

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